Our Service Work

We try to live the spirit of Saints Vincent and Louise.

The Ladies of Charity at St. John’s tries to live the spirit of Saints Vincent and Louise. As Catholic women we offer our talents and skills to assist persons who live in poverty and find much joy and happiness in sharing our service and our prayer with each other.

As expressed by St. Vincent: “What’s done out of charity is done for God.” It’s a great happiness for us if we’re found worthy to use what we have for charity’s sake, that is, for God who has given it to us. We should thank and bless HIS infinite goodness to us.

Our Four Key Service Initiatives

Sustainable Development
  • Build strong communities through a microfinancing program called GLOBE at the Tobin School of Business at St. John’s University
  • Teach international local communities how to rebuild their economies through the Haiti Project

  • Collaborate with the Vincentian Family to rebuild schools in Haiti
  • Collaborate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame to help immigrant women learn English as a Second Language
  • Provide scholarship support to a Jr. Lady of Charity to attend St. John’s University

Emergency Response
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane relief in Texas and Puerto Rico

Community Outreach
  • Mommas House
  • Hour Children
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • St. John’s University Midnight Run; Service Day and Bread & Life
  • Sewing more than 500 COVID masks for first responders

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Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc.
We are proud to recognize two members of our association, Marilyn Martone and Mary Ann Dantuono, who were the visionaries and driving forces in creating the Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. In 2017, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Ladies of Charity by St. Vincent, the Board of the Ladies of Charity USA decided to establish a National Home Care Agency. The purpose of this venture was to provide “Vincentian care” for the spiritual and physical needs of persons who were sick, elderly and disabled in their homes, while providing employment with dignity for women and men who were seeking to exit poverty. Training was the cornerstone of Vincentian care and employment opportunities. To realize this goal, Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. was formed in 2018 and worked collaboratively with our local associations that choose to provide a volunteer component to our model.