Confirmation Party 2013

The Ladies of Charity at St. John’s were honored to be a part of the Confirmation celebrations for the students of St. Camillus and St. Virgilius 2013. This combined parish was severely damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and the Ladies wished to offer both spiritual and financial support  as the students embarked on their final Sacrament of  Initiation. The Ladies worked in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Washington to raise funds to provide each of  the students with a Bible, a gift card and to celebrate  together with a pizza party. The remainder of funds were presented to Pastor Rev.  Richard J. Ahlemeyer to help refurbish the parish church building.

Ladies Mary Ann Dantuono, Natalie Boone, Mary Ellen Freeley and Marge Cashin were on hand at the party, along with Sr. Mary Ann to serve the pizza and deliver the gifts.

From Left: Mary Ann Dantuono, Marge Cashin and Mary Ellen Freeley